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One of the most popular casino games in Norway is Craps. This game has become very popular and more and more people are joining every day. To find out how to play craps and learn some basic skills are not enough for you to achieve results in the game. The game strategy is necessary to ensure gains. You have to learn the odds that characterizes rolling of specific numbers.

As the "shooter" in craps, you get immediate gains in that you roll the dice to number seven or eleven. At the end of the number 7 has a probability of 5.1, since this is the likely outcome in most cases, since there are several ways to roll out these numbers.

On the other hand, avoid ending up with 2, 3 or 12, because this will give you an immediate loss. 2 and 12 are least likely to generate income and should therefore be avoided. As you can see, the mastery of the game is very simple, and winning means only that you learn a few basic steps.

There are only four ways to lose in craps, while the chances of winning doubles the chances to lose. This explains the popularity of this game and the main reason why many people do not hesitate to learn the game.

The game can be played very easily because you only use low stakes. Craps gives you the best in bet you can ever get, and the house has a very low advantage over many other exciting games. This is one of the facts behind the huge popularity of Craps above both beginners and experts who have played it long. That you relate to what is called the house edge is important, and requires that you learn the three bet types in Craps. These include what is called odds bets, pass line bets and come bets. You have to learn what these three bets work if you want to achieve results

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